TCTWA-Workshop on January 18, 2019

Town twinning flourished for the first time after the Second World War in the sense of municipal peace projects. After the collapse of the Iron Curtain they experienced a further upswing.

Now - in the digital age - town twinning can be rethought and lived anew. The personal exchange between people will remain an important aspect of any town twinning. But digital communication channels are gaining in importance here as well, allowing new, fruitful forms of cooperation to be implemented. How town twinning can be lived and flourished in a digital world is the focus of our workshop on 18 January 2018.

At this meeting, mayors and tourism experts from all over the world will meet to discuss how the goals of the TCWTA can be put into practice and used for the benefit of cities and municipalities.

After the workshop we invite all participants to take part in a sight-seeing tour in the city of Zurih and at the following day, the 19th of January, at a trip to Lucerne. For further information please care for our starting page.